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Brenda Hart - Stitch of the Month Project continues in February

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Member Meetings
9:30 am and 6:30 pm
Ladue Chapel

Join us at the morning or the evening member meeting and enhance your repertoire of stitches and creativity by participating in the Brenda Hart project of 12 stitches. You will receive the project book that introduces ...
Stitch of the Month - 2007 by Brenda Hart.

In addition to Brenda Hart's twelve stitches in the project book, you will receive a materials list and instructional hints written by Brenda Hart. Threads, miscellaneous materials, and the 8" by 4" canvas are not supplied. You can pull threads from your own stash or purchase for this project. All of the stitches and instructions are also posted on the ANG web site,, under Stitch of the Month. In February, we will focus on the May and June stitches.

In addition to our stitching project this month, join us to view "Thru the Eye of the Needle", an award-winning 30-minute documentary film. It is about a Holocaust survivor, Esther Nisenthal Krinitz, and who created her art and remembrances nearly 40 years after the war using stitching and embroidery. Her experiences are visible in a series of 36 large fabric collages. Visit the web site to learn more about her extraordinary method of storytelling. This film will be repeated during the mid-day stitch-in and also at the evening member meeting.

Check for other member activities in our newsletter and tri-fold brochure.

Hope to see you often this year!


January & February Needlenotes

Click here to read the January-February Needlenotes for current member and chapter activities. There is more information in the newsletter about the the past activities with pictures of finished projects from our own member.. Also, check-out the the Shop News for our advertisers. They have great fun ideas for the cold days approaching us this winter.

If you have missed any previous newsletters, click here or click Needlenotes Newsletter under the Contents heading on the left side of this page.

Two Stitch-In's!!!
Make your Plans NOW!

We have two stitch-in's planned for this wnter. Winter does not seem to go away, so come join other ANG stitchers for the day and catch-up on your projects. Bring your stitching projects, your usual supplies, your lunch and relax and stitch all day.

Sunday, February 7

10:00 am to
4:00 pm
Charlene Wall's home -- This an alternative to Super Bowl! Please RSVP by February 5th. As usual, snacks, drinks, and dessert will be provided

Sunday, April 10

10:00 am to
4:00 pm
Sign of the Arrow - Further details at next month’s meeting regarding RSVP, cost, and maximum number of those attending


Three-Day Stitch-Away!!
October 3, 4, and 5, 2016
Cedar Creek in New Haven, Missouri

Send your check now!

Cedar Creek is located in the rolling hills of Missouri Wine Country. It is a conference center that provides the ideal destination to escape, relax, and stitch. As a family-owned business, they make it a priority to welcome guests with unparalleled hospitality.

Join us at Cedar Creek Conference Center, New Haven, Missouri on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, October 4, 5, and 6, 2016 for relaxing and stitching and this opportunity is available only to our ANG members. This stitch-away event includes two-night stay at the conference center and all meals included. The first fifteen paid guests will have a guaranteed reservation for this event. Any additional paid reservations will be dependant on room availability.

Look for your registration form in the mail. You should have received it on December 10th. Complete the registration form and send with your payment to Jan Poneta. Stitch-Away cost includes two nights lodging and five meals.

  • Double occupancy ($269.00) or single occupancy ($318.00)

  • Reservation form and payment required January 10, 2016

    Cedar Creek, New Haven, Missouri

ANG Two-Day Workshop
March 3 & 4, 2016
Terry Dryden - Funky Rose

(Kits are still available so there is room for a
couple of more stitchers

Terry Dryden is leading a workshop for the St. Louis Gateway ANG chapter on
Thursday, March 3 and Friday, March 4, 2016.

Her project, FUNKY ROSE, is a two-day workshop at Ladue Chapel, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Additional details and cost of the project are on page 6 of the November/December newsletter. Contact Jan Poneta or Anne Freeman if you have any questions.


Colored Pictures in your e-Mail Newsletter

It is time to keep up with the changing world and we have decided to join in. Beginning with the Gateway ANG September-October 2013 newsletter, you will receive the newsletter only through email if you have provided the chapter with an email address. You will not receive the newsletter by mail.

If you would like to have a copy of the newsletter mailed to your home, please contact Judy Lewis, Newsletter Chair at 314-997-6674 or If your mail address or email address have changed, please contact Judy or Leigh Hullverson, Membership Chair.

Need a Ride to the Meetings??

Don't miss our meetings because you need a ride. Janice Marsh is your Ride Coordinator. Contact her and she will arrange a ride for you so you can join either our morning or evening meetings or both!! Janice might even arrange for a drive-thru at McDonald's to satisfy your cravings! Contact Janice!

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Information about the Gateway ANG chapter can be found in the tri-fold brochure. It includes information about the nonprofit organization, programs, workshops, and events scheduled for 2014-2015. Complete the membership application and join other members in the many needlework activities. If you are already a member, share this information with your friends and neighbors and share your interest in needlepoint.

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