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Monthly Programs for 2014-2015

This year our programs are designed to educate and expand on your creativity through design, stitches and sharing of ideas. In 2014-2015 we will needlepoint an ort box and a valentine bargello. Join us as we mentor one another.

Thursday, May 21

Stitching the Bottom of the Ort Box
This month members will have a detailed discussion regarding stitching the bottom of the ort box (Areas 14-18). Finishing the ort box will take place next year!

Join us also for installation of our new officers:

President Kathy Scioneaux and Charlene Wall
Membership Leigh Hulliverson
Secretary Nancy Kinker
Fundraising Donna Beaman

May-June Needlenotes

Click here to read the March-April Needlenotes for current member and chapter activities. There is more information in the newsletter about the the Stitch-In at Sign of the Arrow and other stitch-ins offered at member homes. Also, check-out the the Shop News for our advertisers. They have great fun ideas for the spring and summer vacations.

If you have missed any previous newsletters, click here or click Needlenotes Newsletter under the Contents heading on the left side of this page.

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It is time to keep up with the changing world and we have decided to join in. Begriming with the Gateway ANG September-October 2013 newsletter, you will receive the newsletter only through email if you have provided the chapter with an email address. You will not receive the newsletter by mail.

If you would like to have a copy of the newsletter mailed to your home, please contact Judy Lewis, Newsletter Chair at 314-997-6674 or If your mail address or email address have changed, please contact Judy or Kathryn Nagy, Membership Chair.

Need a Ride to the Meetings??

Don't miss our meetings because you need a ride. Janice Marsh is your Ride Coordinator. Contact her and she will arrange a ride for you so you can join either our morning or evening meetings or both!! Janice might even arrange for a drive-thru at McDonald's to satisfy your cravings! Contact Janice!

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Information about the Gateway ANG chapter can be found in the tri-fold brochure. It includes information about the nonprofit organization, programs, workshops, and events scheduled for 2014-2015. Complete the membership application and join other members in the many needlework activities. If you are already a member, share this information with your friends and neighbors and share your interest in needlepoint.

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